Week 2

This week began with treacherous roads due to unexpected ice. After attempting to drive to Oklahoma City on Monday, I slowly made my way home passed many wrecked and stranded vehicles. I was frustrated to miss the first vote on the House floor to extend the virtual meetings provision of the Open Meetings Act.  My first committee meeting of the week was cancelled due to weather.


Wednesday was the only other day with a bill on the floor agenda. In what I expect to be a rare occasion, I voted in support of a bill. Representative Marti’s bill HB2677 will adjust how your small, independent pharmacies can be audited. This will allow your local pharmacist to focus on patient care and running a business. I am always in favor of supporting small business in our state.


STATES RIGHTS- This was my first committee meeting this week. We heard Speaker McCall’s bill HB2085. This bill requires state buildings to prominently display our national motto, “In God We Trust.”  The cost estimate is minimal while the statement is huge.  This was my first time to run a committee meeting since Chairman Steagall was presenting this bill to the committee. I voted in support of this bill.

PUBLIC HEALTH- Several bills were heard in this committee meeting. Most notably were Representative Steagall’s HB2335 and HB2336.  2335 will prohibit a government issued vaccine mandate. 2336 limits the governor’s authority to restrict business during a state of emergency.  Both excellent bills in support of the rights of individual Oklahomans and I was proud to vote YEA.

ADMINISTRATIVE RULES- I learned this week that this committee hears “Sunset bills” for the first few weeks. These bill simply renew the existence of advisory and certification boards across the state.


My oldest son still at home recently turned 18. Since the ice kept me from OKC, I was excited to go with him to the polls for the first time.  

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