Week 3

Another week of weather delays. Most of my committee meetings were cancelled due to road conditions. We were able to hear HB1236 in the States Rights Committee. This is a 10th Amendment bill that gives the Oklahoma Legislature authority to review any Presidential executive order to determine if it is Constitutional. A much needed protection!

On Thursday(2/18), we were finally able to meet for session.  The first bill from the freshman class of legislators was heard on the floor and passed. Representative Moore endured several minutes of lighthearted hazing questions from seasoned legislators before opening the vote. He answered all questions expertly.

This week ended Saturday with the Washington County GOP Convention. We elected a new chairman and vice chairman. I’m sorry to see Joe Beffer and Billie Roane step down, but I think our new leadership will work hard to grow the party even more.

Congratulation to Chairman Mike Lessard and Vice Chairman Alexander Johnson!

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