Week 8

Committee meetings are in full swing again as the Senate bills make their way to the House. The entire process of hearing bills in committee before sending them to the House floor which we just completed with House bills is repeated with each of the Senate bills.

As a member of the Administrative Rules committee, this week I heard SB913 by Senator Julie Daniels. I voted in support of this bill and I believe it is one of the most important bills we will hear this session.

It is probably no secret that the nearly 200 state agencies regularly legislate by passing rules which will be enforced as laws. Currently, any changes to these rules must be presented to the legislature for disapproval.  All rule changes must be submitted to the Administrative Rules committee no later than April 1st. Members of this committee receive stacks of rules to be examined. We have a brief window in which to read and investigate all proposed changes. SB913 addresses this process.

SB 913 modifies the procedure for the approval of agency rules. The measure allows the Legislature to repeal an agency rule by joint resolution

The measure directs the Speaker of the House and President Pro Tempore of the Senate to establish a Joint Committee on Administrative Rules comprised of current members. The Joint Committee is to consider proposed rules, amended rules, and repeal requests submitted by an agency and is authorized to meet during the interim.

The ability to meet all year to review new or unnecessary rules is a vital step in ensuring all legislation passes through the legislature. I look forward to seeing the procedures in this bill implemented.

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