Parents Be Aware

God gives the responsibility of rearing children to the parents and not to the state. Parents are the ultimate authority in the lives of their children.  Parents determine how best to guide their own children. Be aware that there are members of our Oklahoma legislature who question whether parents should be entrusted with such an important responsibility.

The following quotes are from a committee meeting discussion of SB627. It is a simple bill which begins with, “No public body shall conduct any form of mandatory gender or sexual diversity training or counseling.”

“Article XIV of the Constitution addresses that you cannot withhold information or training about other citizens.”

“You want the white parents to teach their white beliefs about diversity? It is very difficult in Oklahoma because everyone is white and the ones that aren’t are left out.”

“How do you think the parents, and we all have to admit this that we have a long history of not being very kind to people who don’t look like us or act like us, So how do you expect parents to be in charge of opening the minds of their children to accept other human beings just as they are?”

“As our citizens in Oklahoma have grown up since the 1900s we have been a very close-minded state and we are just beginning to make some strides to change that. So parents are still trying to change it or they don’t want to change anything. They like it just like it is. So why do you think that parents are going to open the minds of our youngsters so we can have a stronger, more inclusive, more diverse state?”

“I find this bill to be anti-Oklahoman. It is a bill to cause separation between people.” 

-Quotes from a Democrat member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, March 31, 2021

View the 3/31/2021 General Government meeting here:

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