April 10, 2020

“Our cause is the cause of all mankind…we are fighting for their liberty in defending our own.” -Benjamin Franklin

April 10, 2020

This day, one year ago, I declared my candidacy for the office of Oklahoma State Representative. 

I needed to vote for a candidate who viewed the Constitution of the United States as the greatest governing document in the history of mankind. I was determined to vote for someone who would stand for individual liberty and the God-given rights of all men. My state representative did not meet these requirements.

The morning of April 10th, after two sleepless nights, I decided to take a step of faith and I haven’t regretted the decision. I assumed I would receive only two votes, my husband’s and mine, but I was just happy to have a candidate for whom I could vote. I had no idea there were others in our district who felt as I did.

I have thought about that day often during the last year. With each new or difficult challenge, I consider whether I would have made the same decision knowing what I know now. It is always YES.  In fact, had I not put my name on that ballot, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life.

I have spent years promoting the idea of liberty and teaching others about our beloved Constitution. This stage of my life is simply a continuation of that objective. Whether I am in the legislature or in a classroom or at home or wherever God desires for me to be, I will be teaching about liberty.

As Frederic Bastiat said, “Liberty is an act of faith in God and in His work.” True liberty is found only through faith in Jesus. And I will continue spreading the idea of liberty as long as I have breath.

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