Week 10

This was the final week for moving bills through the various committees. The Public Health committee was busy hearing fifteen bills dealing with several areas of health in Oklahoma.

There were bills in support of parental rights and the sanctity of life.


The bills in support of life were SB612 and SB779 and both passed out of committee and are available to be heard on the House floor.

SB612 by Senator Nathan Dahm and Representative Jim Olsen states, “a person shall not purposely perform or attempt to perform an abortion except to save the life of a pregnant woman in a medical emergency.” A person convicted of performing an abortion will be guilty of a felony.

SB779 by Representative Mark Lepak and Senator Julie Daniels seeks to create a certification program to regulate the manufacturing and distribution abortion-inducing drugs.


In the state of Oklahoma, parents can apply for vaccination exemptions on medical, religious or personal grounds. Many parents are not aware of these exemptions. SB779 would require school boards to provide the exemption information to parents. It also establishes a method by which school boards may mandate masks and it includes limitations.


SB821 has received a significant attention from folks on both sides of the issue. While it has the good intentions of reducing restrictions on pharmacists, it sets limitations on the cost-sharing benefits of the large pharmacy chains. I did not vote in support of this bill due to the certain negative economic impact of limiting one sector of a particular industry. This bill must be rejected in spite of the good that may come from the deregulation in this bill. I hope the author will remove the cost limitations so pharmacies may benefit from the reduced restrictions.

Beginning next week, both chambers will be hearing bills on the floor. The final stage for the bills that are passed off the floor by May 22nd will be Governor Stitt’s desk.


This bill was from the session last year. I was excited to be the House author on this bill by Senator Daniels. It was a request bill from a constituent. This bill will adjust how auto tags are handled when a car is repossessed. It allows the tag to be treated as personal property so it can be returned to the owner. It will help those in this industry. It was the first opportunity I have had to present a bill on the floor. It has been sent to the governor’s desk.

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