Individual Liberty: Health Freedom

I strongly objected to the past year of perpetual Executive Orders infringing upon the liberty of Oklahomans and restricting private businesses. If those elected to government office need only declare an emergency to violate our inalienable rights, then we have no rights recognized by our government. Currently, legislation in the form of orders from the executive branch seems to be an acceptable tool for making law. If we are to use this method of lawmaking, let’s use it to promote rather than to destroy individual liberty.

It is a legitimate function of government to prevent oppression of the human being. As a representative of the citizens of Oklahoma, my primary duty is to defend individual rights against the state. If the rights of private businesses are in conflict with the rights of individual citizens, the citizens come first. If government is not used to protect individual rights, then what is the use of government? I have no problem with government telling businesses they cannot oppress human beings. The rights of individuals must TRUMP ALL.

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