Week 10

Governor Stitt signed SB612
with Rep Jim Olsen, Sen Nathan Dahm,
& Rep Sean Roberts

This week was the final week of committee work. We finished hearing the Senate bills in the House committees and the Senate heard the House bills. The bills that have survived the process thus far are now eligible to heard on the floor. The final step will be to send the bills to the governor’s desk for his signature.

Governor Stitt signed an important bill on Tuesday. SB612 by Senator Nathan Dahm and Representative Jim Olsen was signed into law. It prohibits the performance of abortions in Oklahoma except to save the life of the mother. Although there are many abortion restricting laws already in statute, we do not know what decision to expect from SCOTUS in June. If they recognize the authority of states in this matter but decide that all previous abortion-restricting bills are void, it may be necessary to have a current law in statute.

Senator Dahm is the Senate author of HB4327 which passed committee Monday and is now eligible to be heard on the Senate floor. This bill allows for civil action against the provider in the event that an abortion is performed. It is similar to the Texas Heartbeat bill but this version begins at fertilization.

Lunch with 4H students
Braden and Emma of Collinsville

This was a busy week with many groups meeting at the Capitol for events. 4H clubs from across Oklahoma spent the day Tuesday meeting legislators and touring the Capitol. I was invited to lunch by two 4H students from Collinsville. It was a nice change of pace and I enjoyed heard about their participation in the 4H program.

Filing Day 2022

Finally, this week was filing week for state elected offices. Over 500 people filed for office. The primary election will be held June 28th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email. I appreciate hearing from the people of HD11.

In Liberty,



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