2022 General Election

Sample Ballot- Washington County, Oklahoma Good evening, As it seems several people are stopping by this website looking for election guides, I decided to post a sample ballot and links to a few voter guides. I am saddened by the condition of our precious Republic. Yesterday, the president reminded us repeatedly that we have aContinue reading “2022 General Election”


View a sample ballot specific to your precinct and Find your polling place: https://okvoterportal.okelections.us/ Here are a few Voter Guides to visit before heading to the polls: ivoterguide OCPAC- Oklahoma Conservative PAC Tulsa Beacon Batesline OK2A- Oklahoma Second Amendment Association OKHPR- Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights Let me know if you have questions aboutContinue reading “2022 VOTER GUIDES”

2022 Oklahoma Primary Election Candidate Analysis (Washington County)

SHARED BY PERMISSIONWhile I agree with much of this analysis, these are not my thoughts. I am sharing this with the permission of Mr. Gary Kilpatrick. In Liberty,Wendi From Mr. Gary Kilpatrick:There are a lot of candidates to consider on the Republican primary ballot on June 28th.  Hopefully these are my final thoughts, for whatContinue reading “2022 Oklahoma Primary Election Candidate Analysis (Washington County)”

Week 5

In the Oklahoma Legislature we are increasingly hearing bills promoting public-private business partnerships. Through legislation and executive negotiations, these partnerships are infiltrating many industries such as healthcare, mental health, tourism, agriculture, education, and energy. Ours is properly designed as a system of free and voluntary exchange. A free market is always the most efficient allocationContinue reading “Week 5”