2022 Oklahoma Primary Election Candidate Analysis (Washington County)

SHARED BY PERMISSIONWhile I agree with much of this analysis, these are not my thoughts. I am sharing this with the permission of Mr. Gary Kilpatrick. In Liberty,Wendi From Mr. Gary Kilpatrick:There are a lot of candidates to consider on the Republican primary ballot on June 28th.  Hopefully these are my final thoughts, for whatContinue reading “2022 Oklahoma Primary Election Candidate Analysis (Washington County)”

Week 10

This week was the final week of committee work. We finished hearing the Senate bills in the House committees and the Senate heard the House bills. The bills that have survived the process thus far are now eligible to heard on the floor. The final step will be to send the bills to the governor’sContinue reading “Week 10”

Week 7

We just finished one of the deadline weeks at the Oklahoma State Capitol. This deadline required passing all bills to be heard this session out of the chamber of origin. Each chamber sent more than 300 bills to the other chamber and now the process will begin again. With so many bills to consider, IContinue reading “Week 7”

Week 6

This week was the annual OYE (Oklahoma Youth Expo) at the State Fairgrounds in OKC. Students who participate in FFA and 4H across the state attend this weeklong event to exhibit their livestock. The OYE Legislative Showmanship event is held annually and gives legislators an opportunity to learn from local students how to show livestock.Continue reading “Week 6”

Week 5

In the Oklahoma Legislature we are increasingly hearing bills promoting public-private business partnerships. Through legislation and executive negotiations, these partnerships are infiltrating many industries such as healthcare, mental health, tourism, agriculture, education, and energy. Ours is properly designed as a system of free and voluntary exchange. A free market is always the most efficient allocationContinue reading “Week 5”

Week 4

(Due to icy roads, little happened in the Oklahoma House during Week 3 of the session.) Attorney General John O’Conner visited Bartlesville this week for a reception in his honor. As attorney general, he and his staff have made themselves readily available to members of the legislature and individual citizens. His office has been quickContinue reading “Week 4”

Week 2

This week began with a crowd at the Capitol! Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights assembled to rally and meet legislators. This organization is known for supporting LIBERTY bills and focuses on parental authority in the lives of children. Several folks from the Bartlesville, Collinsville, and Owasso areas stopped by my office to visit. OKHPRContinue reading “Week 2”

Week 1

It’s been a busy week in the Oklahoma Legislature as we have returned to the Capitol to begin the 2022 Legislative Session. The House Majority Caucus began the week by electing a new Speaker Pro Tempore. Representative Kyle Hilbert was selected by our members to replace Rep O’Donnell who resigned his position in January.  GovernorContinue reading “Week 1”


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