Special Session: Redistricting

I insist on placing truth and transparency in governance above the mere appearance of unity. If House Republicans go into a special session being told that the appearance of a unified front is of utmost importance, we have set the stage for a week of compromise at the expense of the people we are electedContinue reading “Special Session: Redistricting”

Truth Will Prevail

“The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments.”― Friedrich Nietzsche https://www.oklahoman.com/story/news/2021/07/30/oklahoma-republicans-blast-gop-covid-vaccine-holocaust-comparison/5438423001/ From the article: “It is irresponsible and wrong to compare an effective vaccine — developed by President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed — to the horrors of the Holocaust,” the Republicans said. “People should have the liberty toContinue reading “Truth Will Prevail”

Familiar Faces

The Senate Bill deadline week ended April 22nd, but the busy session continues. I was excited and honored to see many familiar faces this past week as well as meeting new ones. Roads and bridges are a legitimate use of taxpayers’ money. Congratulations Billie Roane on being appointed to the Bartlesville City Council! http://m.bartlesvilleradio.com/pages/news/291332021/roane-appointed-to-ward-4-council-seat MissContinue reading “Familiar Faces”

Two Good Bills

Two important bills were passed off the House floor today. SB658 will require that school districts provide to parents information regarding vaccine exemptions. This does not add an exemption. It simply notifies parents of their options. It will require schools to provide relevant scientific studies and specific guidelines before instituting a mask mandate. SB2 prohibitsContinue reading “Two Good Bills”