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from Representative Wendi Stearman Oklahoma HD11

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Week 10

This week was the final week of committee work. We finished hearing the Senate bills in the House committees and the Senate heard the House bills. The bills that have survived the process thus far are now eligible to heard on the floor. The final step will be to send the bills to the governor’sContinue reading “Week 10”

Week 7

We just finished one of the deadline weeks at the Oklahoma State Capitol. This deadline required passing all bills to be heard this session out of the chamber of origin. Each chamber sent more than 300 bills to the other chamber and now the process will begin again. With so many bills to consider, IContinue reading “Week 7”

Week 6

This week was the annual OYE (Oklahoma Youth Expo) at the State Fairgrounds in OKC. Students who participate in FFA and 4H across the state attend this weeklong event to exhibit their livestock. The OYE Legislative Showmanship event is held annually and gives legislators an opportunity to learn from local students how to show livestock.Continue reading “Week 6”

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