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2022 General Election

Sample Ballot- Washington County, Oklahoma Good evening, As it seems several people are stopping by this website looking for election guides, I decided to post a sample ballot and links to a few voter guides. I am saddened by the condition of our precious Republic. Yesterday, the president reminded us repeatedly that we have a…


View a sample ballot specific to your precinct and Find your polling place: https://okvoterportal.okelections.us/ Here are a few Voter Guides to visit before heading to the polls: ivoterguide OCPAC- Oklahoma Conservative PAC Tulsa Beacon Batesline OK2A- Oklahoma Second Amendment Association OKHPR- Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights Let me know if you have questions about…

2022 Oklahoma Primary Election Candidate Analysis (Washington County)

SHARED BY PERMISSIONWhile I agree with much of this analysis, these are not my thoughts. I am sharing this with the permission of Mr. Gary Kilpatrick. In Liberty,Wendi From Mr. Gary Kilpatrick:There are a lot of candidates to consider on the Republican primary ballot on June 28th.  Hopefully these are my final thoughts, for what…

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