2022 General Election

Sample Ballot- Washington County, Oklahoma

Good evening,

As it seems several people are stopping by this website looking for election guides, I decided to post a sample ballot and links to a few voter guides.

I am saddened by the condition of our precious Republic. Yesterday, the president reminded us repeatedly that we have a democracy and suggested those who question election security are a threat to our democracy. The founders of this nation created a representative REPUBLIC so the people would be free to live their lives. The job of our government is simply to protect our borders, defend rights, and restrain itself from oppressing the people. The responsibility of the people IS to question our representatives whom we elect and to insist our election process is legitimate. The president and all other elected persons should encourage such questions.

As our government has stretched far beyond its intended boundaries and as the law has been used to benefit one class of people over another class through welfare aid and project grants, it becomes lucrative for hired consultants and lobbyists to insert themselves in the bargaining for favor, the crafting of laws, and in the election process. If our government had been confined to its proper role, there would be no benefit to hiring a lobbyist to influence the making of law. However, under the pretense of protection and economic development, the government takes the wealth of many and gives it to the few. Under these circumstances it is logical for all possible beneficiaries to lobby for influence in all aspects of creating law: influencing elections; crafting laws, rules, and ordinances; manipulating the votes made by those elected to represent the people. With so many using law for his own profit, it is necessary to determine which candidate intends to represent the individual citizen and which candidate is influenced by groups lobbying for privileges and subsidies.

There are few good choices on the ballot since the traditional Constitutional conservative candidates lost to the New GOP candidates in the June Primary Election. However, we must continue doing all we can to stand up to tyranny and to restrain the evil in our country.

In Liberty,


Here are a few Voter Guides to visit before heading to the polls:


Tulsa Beacon


OK2A- Oklahoma Second Amendment Association

OKHPR- Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights

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