Week 1

“Oklahoma, the state of our state is strong because we are resilient and well-positioned for a bright future.” – Governor Kevin Stitt

The first week of the 58th Oklahoma Legislature began with a Joint Session of the House and Senate to receive Governor Stitt’s State of the State address. It was an honor to sit in the House chamber with those senators and representatives who have steadfastly fought for our rights as Oklahomans. While many in the room were typical politicians whose focus is increased government authority disguised as aiding the people, scattered around the room today were the citizen legislators who are there to push back against the ever-increasing spread of tyranny.

As I listened to our governor discuss budget recovery following a year of government restrictions on small businesses, teachers being required to teach children virtually, and difficult challenges between two sovereign nations in one state, I was humbled by the responsibility that so many entrusted to me. I am grateful for the opportunity to join those who stand firm in truth. Although I anxiously entered this room uncertain about how to manage the task before me, I left the chamber encouraged, strengthened, and emboldened to fight the good fight, to run the race to the finish, to stand fast for the rights of the people of Oklahoma.

Floor Notes

The Oklahoma House of Representatives honored retired U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Rowdy Freeman, as he was presented with a home built for him by Military Warriors Support Foundation, a nonprofit that provides programs designed to facilitate a smooth and successful transition into civilian life for combat-wounded veterans and Gold Star families. 

Committee Notes

The States Rights committee was my only committee to meet this week. I was honored to cast my first committee vote for religious freedom in Oklahoma. HB2648 prohibits the closure of places of worship during an emergency.

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